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Our firm is dedicated exclusively to representing clients with personal injury claims. Many of our clients come to us through referrals from independent lawyers and law firms. Often, a client will consult an attorney they know from previous representation, or through personal connections such as being a neighbor, friend, or fellow member of a religious institution. If that trusted lawyer does not primarily handle serious personal injury cases, they may refer the client to our firm for joint representation. The referring lawyer remains involved and helps keep the client informed. This way, the client benefits from having a local lawyer they know and trust, along with the resources and experience of an established personal injury firm.

The client never incurs additional fees for the involvement of the referring attorney. We share fees with the referring attorney, ensuring the client receives the services of two law firms for the same cost. We value the involvement of the referring attorney, as they often have an existing relationship with the client and possess local connections that can be instrumental in preparing and presenting a case.

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Why Refer Your Case?

Fleming, Nolen and Jez has a long history with attorney referrals. Our law firm has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted Personal Injury and Mass Tort law firms in Houston. We are committed to our clients, and committed to adding value to all cases we are entrusted with. Our success is recognized by attorneys both in Texas and nationwide, who frequently seek our expertise in mass torts, product liability, severe injury and wrongful death cases. Additionally, our trial lawyers are available to serve as co-counsel and of-counsel, providing valuable insight and experience to other law firms. When you need assistance with a case, our skilled attorneys are ready to fight for the compensation your client deserves.

Fleming, Nolen and Jez has paid out millions in referral fees and has partnered with some of the nation’s top law firms.

Types of Cases We Accept from Referring Attorneys

We understand you have many options when it comes to referring or collaborating with a personal injury trial law firm. At Fleming, Nolen and Jez, we take pride in the vast resources and services we offer, which distinguish us from other personal injury law firms in Texas. By partnering with us, you and your client could benefit from our:

  • National Experience: Our skilled attorneys have extensive experience assisting law firms throughout Texas and across the United States.
  • Extensive Network: Personal injury lawsuits often require a broad network of experts and resources. Our attorneys have access to a comprehensive network of specialists and medical experts handpicked for your case. 
  • Adding Value: We have a history of adding value to cases pass the initial offers that have been given. 
  • Proven Results: We have a long track record of successfully securing millions of dollars for our clients, and we help others achieve similar results for their clients.

These are just a few reasons why attorneys nationwide trust us with their cases.

We Accept Attorney Referrals

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