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A personal injury lawsuit is a legal dispute between a person who has suffered an injury, and another individual or company who might be legally responsible for causing that injury.

FNJ fire fighting form AFFF lawsuit
Harmful Products / Product Liability

Helping Texas communities affected by toxic PFAS chemicals and AFFF

AFFF was used extensively for decades by military sites, airports, chemical plants, and fire departments across Texas before the dangers of PFAS were fully known. Now, many of our friends, family members, and neighbors who worked at these sites or lived nearby face serious health complications from being exposed.

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Class action vs mass action
Educational / Notes of Interest

Mass Actions and Class Actions are different lawsuits

Our law firm handles a wide variety of personal injury and product liability cases. A common trend we see from potential clients is that many confuse a mass action (or mass tort) with a class action. In this video, attorney Kelsey Stokes talks about how they are different.

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