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In New Mexico, our Powerhouse legal team of dedicated car accident and truck accident lawyers have the resources and experience needed to deliver justice to negligent drivers.

Who Created the Truck Busters?

FNJ Truck Busters of New Mexico

The law office of Fleming, Nolen, Jez L.L.P. has teamed up with Egolf + Ferlic + Martinez + Harwood, LLC to create a powerhouse legal team to help those who were hurt in an accident in the states of New Mexico and Texas.  Whether you live in New Mexico or Texas, or was just visiting, let the experience of the Truck Busters serve you!

Truck Accidents

While all accidents on the road are dangerous, accidents involving 18-Wheelers or Semi-Trucks come with considerably more risks than with smaller vehicles. These trucks take far longer than passenger vehicles to come to a complete stop, have larger blind spots on both sides, and carry larger and heavier cargo that affects their ability to change direction and stop.

According to statistics released by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT):

  • Over 4,100 people were killed in accidents involving large trucks in 2019
  • 84% of the people killed were either an occupant of a passenger vehicle, on a motorcycle, on a bicycle, or a pedestrian
  • 87% of people killed in two-vehicle crashes involving a truck were the occupants of the passenger vehicle
  • 83% of fatal truck crashes occurred on a major road, interstate or freeway
  • 58% of fatal truck crashes occurred between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Car Accidents

According to the New Mexico and Texas Department of Transportation, the following groups are more likely to be involved in a car accident:

  • Young drivers (16-24 years old)
  • Drivers who are intoxicated
  • Drivers who are distracted
  • Drivers who are fatigued
  • Drivers who are speeding
  • Drivers who are not wearing seatbelts
  • Drivers who are driving in bad weather
  • Drivers who are driving in rural areas


Serious injuries that occur in car accidents often result in considerable medical bills and can even restrict the victim’s ability to resume employment following their recovery. No matter what kind of auto accident you were involved in, if someone else’s negligent actions resulted in your injury, you should be able to fight for your rights and secure the compensation you deserve.

About Our Team

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the E+F+M+H law firm serves clients throughout the state. They understand the benefits to clients of operating in a smaller setting where “big firm” experience and professionalism merge with cost-effective methods, loyalty, and personal attention. E+F+M+H provides exceptional dedication to the needs of clients. One of their core beliefs is that effective advocacy can be used as a powerful tool for accomplishing goals and solving problems.

Based in Houston, Texas, our team at Fleming, Nolen & Jez, L.L.P. has what it takes to fight diligently, confidently, and successfully on your behalf.

Here’s why:

  • We’re experienced. Our team has taken cases all over the United States. We have over 170 years of combined experience in the field. We know what we’re doing—we know how to fight for you and win.
  • We’re versatile. We handle all types of cases from commercial cases to personal injury cases. We know how to handle accidents of all sizes. 
  • We work together. We have 7 lawyers and 45 dedicated staff members. The size of our team means we’re able to take on a diverse range of cases and combine our skillsets for the best results for our clients.
  • We’re intentional and tough. Every case we accept, we fight for the best result needed for our clients. No matter what direction your case takes, we’ll be ready.

What should you do after an accident?

Accidents involving trucks often result in life-changing injuries or even death to the passengers and drivers involved. 18-wheeler accidents and collisions involving blowouts, unsafe loads, and driver violations often result in a significant number of personal injury and wrongful death claims annually.

Sadly, many trucking companies train their drivers on what they should say and do after an accident in order to avoid being held responsible. Circumstances like these are why it is essential to hire an experienced attorney to represent you and help you hold the negligent drivers accountable for their action.

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