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Fleming, Nolen & Jez L.L.P. is a Personal Injury and Mass Tort law firm based in Houston, Texas. Our lawyers understand the inner-workings of the mass litigation process for a number of practice areas, and we are dedicated to giving your case the attention and priority it deserves. We pride ourselves on aggressive, creative, and resourceful representation. We approach each case, no matter how big or small, as if it will go to trial. We are not intimidated by large corporations and will not hesitate to take them to trial if it is necessary – and it shows in our results.

Dealing with a traumatic injury is difficult to navigate through. The Personal Injury Attorneys at Fleming, Nolen and Jez have the experience to find the best course of action. When you become a client, we will help you with every step of the process. We truly believe we can: Transform Lives Through Law.

Discover crucial details about the latest Ford recall affecting over 550,000 F-150 trucks from 2014. Learn about the transmission issue causing sudden downshifts and your options for repair. If you've been in a crash due to this defect, find out how you can seek compensation.
Boeing CEO David Calhoun faced intense scrutiny during a Senate hearing, where he apologized to the families of victims from previous plane crashes. This hearing also highlighted the significance of whistleblowers.
Chemicals like PFAS have been used for decades across the U.S. before the dangers were fully known. Now, many of our friends, family, and neighbors are experiencing long term side effects and serious health complications due to over exposure.
There are tools for every job and not every dispute needs to be litigated. Here are five reasons why you should NOT pursue a lawsuit.
Prolia is a medication commonly used to treat Osteoporosis. Although it is recommended by doctors, some patients are more at risk of experiencing severe side effects from using the drug.
In cases involving wrongful death, there is often a complex intersection between criminal law and civil lawsuits. Criminal cases may directly affect a civil case, and some families may even pursue both criminal and civil charges.

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